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The Best Sleeping Window Treatments

Posted on August 27, 2015 in Blog

Cellular WindowsTreatment
Light affects our lives, moods and our homes. The summer solstice, is a special day, especially in Sydney, New South Wales. Here, during summer, the sun rises as early as 5.41am and sets at 8.59pm, giving us the longest daylight hours of the year. The sun rises high in the sky and appears to stop and then divert on a downward southern path and the rays strike the earth directly. After summer solstice, the sunlight hours decline exactly the same way as the first day of summer.

As we are challenged with more abundant and brighter light in summer, sleeping and dreaming are essential part of our lives and well being and should not be compromised as we embrace light. Sleep and restful time outs are required more to calm our overstimulated and hyperactive brains. If you are not aware, light disrupts sleep. Our body craves naturally for a dark room for optimal and sound sleeping. We therefore need to be vigilant in securing our sleeping spaces from any kind of disturbance. The following are some of the best bedroom window treatment ideas to comfortably and subtly control the light in your bedroom in style.

1. Roller Shades
Blackout roller shades are the most economical and easiest window treatment to protect you from the glare of the full moon, early sunrises or the annoying streetlight. Rollers are simple and sleek and will smoothly fit into the window frame. However, you will still get some light bouncing around the sides. You can mount the shade behind the roller to have a tighter fit against the window. You can even consider an outside mount for additional coverage.

2. Cellular shades
These popular window treatments replicate the honeycomb patterns that bees create in their hives. They scoop up and down the window. At night, a cellular shade adds a crisps and modern look to your bedroom as well as keeping off light. The Slumber Shade is the champion of cellular shades. It is the only window treatment that blocks out out any light that tries to leak around the edges with sidetracks to securely and tightly mount against the window. It is the best window treatment for restless sleepers who sleep with eyes open.

3. Roman Shades
These are soft window treatments which provide a sleek and stylish look at the bedroom. If you choose Romans, you will need a blackout liner. Sydney blinds and screens experts suggest that if you decide to mount Romans outside the window, leave some extra length and width around the edges to create darker a darker room.

4. Drapery These cover the entire window to block out light completely. They act like blankets to enclose the room and swaddle you more comfortably. You will however need a liner to achieve complete room darkening. If you do not desire to have heavy drapes covering the window during daytime, consider a sheer or translucent curtain and add up a drape to close at night. The two sets of drapes will create a more conducive room to sleep during the night and give you soft light during the day. Light sleepers need the darkest room possible. They can always add a drapery to any of the above window treatments for maximum coverage.

We averagely at least a quarter of our day relaxing and sleeping. Bedroom windows treatments should therefor be considered in controlling the light as well as expressing good taste. Let your bedroom cover your sleepy soul so that you can wake up renewed every morning!

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Interstate Moving

Posted on June 18, 2015 in Blog


People at OD Institute have moved to a new home for various reasons. If the moving happens to be in a completely different state, you might become a bit anxious. Basically, interstate moving costs more than local moving. There are however many ways to save and get the tasks done with the least amount of work.

Finding a Good Company

Finding a good interstate moving company is the first step you should take before moving to a new state. The company should be aware of all the regulations of the state you are moving to. The moving cost should shoot up because of taxes and toll fee. An experienced service provide should be able to brief you on all these aspects before you sign up

By finding a good moving company, you are half way through the move. A moving company that cares about their customer should provide a free moving quote without hesitation. Jackson from Sydney says that one should hire Andy’s two men and a truck for moving furniture. A professional company such as Andy The Guy With a Van really makes things a lot easier. Quotes are very essential, especially in planning and budgeting. Get the quote in a written format is helpful in comparing with the final bill.

Saving Money

Too much items leads to increased weight and companies usually charge you based on the weight of the goods moved. Explore your home and get rid of all the unwanted items. If they are in good condition, sell them as second hand items. Dispose all scraps before moving to avoid higher costs.

Gather Supplies

Supplies are also a good way of spending less. Get all the relevant packing items from local stores. Pack the heavy items at the bottom of the box and the light ones on top. Avoid overloading the boxes. Typically, The maximum weight that a box can handle is up to 50 pounds. Overloading such a box will lead to tearing down when being loaded. Use enough tapes and bubble wraps for safety of your goods. Labeling the boxes gives you an easier time when unpacking.

The right type of transport and time of moving are very crucial. Always go for service providers with nationwide presence. Check quotes with multiple companies to get the best pricing from at least one of them. Also check the reputation of the moving company. If everything is good, then sign the contract.

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The Future of Organization Development – YouTube

Posted on June 10, 2015 in Videos

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Posted on June 8, 2015 in Welcome

Hello and welcome to ODInstitute.org.

The Organization Development Institute is a non-profit educational association organized in 1968 to promote an understanding of the field of Organization Development. Every year we publish The International Registry of O.D. Professionals and O.D. Handbook, and we meet at least twice a year both inside and outside the USA to keep our members and the public informed on recent developments in O.D.

Here, we will talk about health, wealth and relationships. Each of the three aspects are all intertwined and affect each other. You need to have control over all three in order to be peaceful. Here at OD Institute, we will aim to achieve just that. We’ll be sharing advice from all aspects of life.

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